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Yesler Terrace's First Central Station is a Three-Architect Job

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Lynnwood-based Hardy Development is thinking big about a block between 12th and 14th avenues, and East Spruce and Fir streets in Yesler Terrace. They've submitted plans for First Central Station, which will consist of three buildings that will include about 370 residences, 12,000 square feet of retail and 220 parking spaces. Each of the three buildings have their own architect with b9 Architects, Weinstein A+U and Build LLC each taking one. Still, Hardy expects a cohesive development between the trio of six-story buildings. Plans also call for a pedestrian & cyclist pathway that cuts through the complex as well as a new park. They also plan on taking advantage of the Multifamily Property Tax Exemption program, which could mean as many as 80 affordable housing units. An early design guidance meeting at 8 p.m. on Wednesday. Hardy wants to begin construction next summer and complete the project in 16 months.
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