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What $1,600/Month Can Rent You in Seattle Right Now

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Welcome back to Curbed Comparisons, where we scour Seattle's rental listings to see what your monthly budget will get you across the city. Today we find out what $1,600/month can get you in Seattle. You tell us which lease you'd sign.

Let's begin in Belltown where you can get a 526 square-foot studio at Joseph Arnold Lofts for $1,585/mo. The Joe is a new, modern loft building just behind the Belltown P-Patch. The unit is big, open space but it'll come with big windows and potentially a great view.

Next up, Capitol Hill, where you can get a 571 square-foot studio for $1,595/mo at The Pearl. Situated off of 15th and Madison in Seattle's Pike/Pine Triangle, it's a solid location for city dwellers. The units have some unique shape to them, so it's not a cookie-cutter rectangle. Also looks like you might be in for some great views.

Now we go Uptown where Elliott Bayview Apartment Homes has a 1-BR available for $1,595/mo. They're coy on the square-footage but a floorplan shows that it is indeed a one-bedroom and not a studio. If you're not impressed by the bells and whistles of modern apartment buildings but still want to feel a little bit of that luxury, this looks like it might be a fit.

Now it's off to Whittier Heights where we can get a 316 square-foot "1-BR" at Noba Apartments for $1,576/mo. Technically, yes, there's a door between the sleeping area and the rest of the place, but we're gonna call it an open 1-BR, really. Modern efficiency living, the unit looks like it's in great shape and it's a decent spot for commuters.

Finally, we head back to Belltown where Olympus has a 573 square-foot studio available for $1,601/mo. Still looks like a pretty spacious unit and you're likely to have a great view out of those big windows.

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