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Gelotte's 'House in a Mountain Meadow' Lists For $1.975M

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Designed by Curtis Gelotte at Gelotte Hommas, House in a Mountain Meadow won the 1995 MAME Award for Best Custom Residence. Will the next award it wins be your heart? It may, assuming you have $1.975M at the ready because that's what they're asking. Located in Issaquah's High Valley, this contemporary 4-BR is a mixture of wood and concrete that represent the home's balance between modernity and nature. The interiors are a mixture of tall main rooms that take advantage of the residence's grandeur and intimate bedrooms & living spaces that feed off the feeling of being tucked into the hillside. The exterior concrete wall spans the entire length of the home, creating separation along the way. In terms of views, you can expect to see Mount Rainier (on a clear day) from the living/dining room, not to mention from the outdoor pool. You've got almost five acres to roam up here, but no one will blame you if you want to spend most of your time around the house.

· 11529 206th Place SE, Issaquah [Windermere]
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