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Seattle-Area Luxury Homes Love The TV Over Fireplace Trend

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<a href="http://www.estately.com/listings/info/8631-ne-19th-place#">8631 NE 19th Place, Clyde Hill, WA</a>
8631 NE 19th Place, Clyde Hill, WA

Earlier this week we learned that America has a serious problem and that problem is people putting the TV above their fireplace. According to one commenter, "TVs over fireplaces are ugly and lazy." And they weren't the only one to think so. To be honest, we're not entirely sure ourselves what makes it so bad. Seems to depend on the example. So we figured we better take a look around and make sure the Seattle-area wasn't leading the way on this trend. We found out that...uh-oh...we kinda are.

What do you think? Is the Fireplace TV trend tacky or is it not a big deal?

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