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Whidbey Island's Moose Ridge Still Available For $3.66M

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Some houses are snapped up in days. Others take years. The sellers should be commended for their patience.

They could've claimed this property was 37 acres, but they rounded 36.98 down to 36. What else is understated with this 4 bedroom, 3.25 bath estate on Whidbey Island? For over a year, Moose Ridge (not that moose are common on Whidbey) has been on the market at $3,660,000. For that much money, 3,800 square feet seems small - until you add in the guest house, the tearoom that looks like a house, a greenhouse, and a barn. Oh yeah, and there's a pavilion, too. The story isn't just one of quantity. Multi-million dollar houses tend to afford quality, and this manor house of a country estate has it in the wood and stone work throughout the house. Simple things like a staircase are turned into something like art instead of just being an intrusion into a room.

Stainless steel is the metal of choice, evidently. The kitchen is definitely equipped that way. At least it's easy to clean. The island stovetop with central vent hood means the cook can be in the middle of things, though hopefully not traffic. Despite the high-end work, the surfaces aren't some blinding set of reflecting surfaces that dazzle anyone who's trying to get something done. Bathrooms are the other place that some houses treat as opportunities for infinitely reflecting surfaces. Here, it is sophisticated instead of just shiny. (If you want reflections, there's a pool outside for that.)

Speaking of outside, there's a lot of it. That happens when there's 36.98 acres. The reason for the greenhouse and barn is the orchard and the gardens. There's a lot of upkeep, even if most of the acreage is forested. The landscaping is a mix of natural and manicured, especially, closer to the house where the patio and ornamentals are the main decorations - with occasional outdoor sculptures. It would be natural for the koi pond to be by the tearoom, though 'room' seems an understatement because that one structure looks like a tea house. The guest house and pavilion are mentioned, but you'll have to ask for specifics. At least there's enough to support a good-sized party.
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Written by Tom Trimbath