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Tacoma's Tibbetts House by George Bullard Lists For $575K

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In 1908, notable architects George W. Bullard and Erwyn H. Hill built the house at 916 N L Street in Tacoma for George W. Tibbetts, a local merchant and hops farmer. Built for $3,500, the meticulously-maintained Tibbetts House is now available asking $575K. This isn't your usual turn-of-the-century Tacoma home. This one's been updated and kept in pristine condition. Remnants of the era remain, including a sitting bench by the living room window, subway tile in the bathroom and beautiful glass inserts in the woodwork. The kitchen is more modern but still has a few vintage charms. There's a standalone shower down in the basement if you really, really need to shower while doing laundry. Out back, a traditional fenced backyard and deck. Tibbetts's reputation doesn't hold up all that well these days but his Tacoma home sure seems to be doing just fine.

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