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Seattle Will Vote on Elevated Waterfront Park in August 2016

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Seattle has big plans for the new and improved waterfront. A promenade along the seawall. A walkable connection between the waterfront and Pike Place Market. Dozens of new mixed-use developments with water views where the Alaskan Way Viaduct once stood. One thing Seattle doesn't currently have in it's plans is an elevated waterfront park that uses a portion of the viaduct to connect a walkway all the way down to CenturyLink Field. The city council officially rejected the elevated park plan on Monday, which means that it will now go to the August 2, 2016 primary ballot as I-123. The Park My Viaduct group wanted the vote to appear on the upcoming November ballot since voter turnout is much higher but they're pushing ahead with a campaign regardless. Standing in their way, aside from the city council, will be developers who have already invested millions in a viaduct-less Seattle and don't want the elevated walkway blocking views from their new residences.
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