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A Tiny Baring Cabin Gets It's Price Chopped Down to $59,500

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A pricechop of $20,000 usually doesn't warrant notice; but when the original listing price was only $79,500, it's a big chop to $59,500. We wrote about this A-frame as one of two cabins for sale in Baring, out in a corner of King County remote enough that you have to drive through Snohomish County to get there. It can be worth the effort though for skiers with season tickets to Stevens Pass. The other cabin is pending (for $37,500, down from $49,500 - another pricechopper). It's a tiny cabin, a 320 square foot, 1 bedroom, 1 bath with plenty of storage if you like hanging things from the rafters, or maybe using the 120 square foot A-frame out building. Why A-frames? They're handy in places that get over 100 inches of rain and 50 inches of snow per year. If you want a more modern decor, remember how little you spent to buy the place and realize how much more you can budget for furnishings.

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Written by Tom Trimbath