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Sisley Fine Payment Clears Way for New Roosevelt Apartments

Hugh Sisley has long been considered Seattle's worst landlord and his properties have racked up millions in fines to the city. $3.48 million of those fine have been paid to the city, but, in true Sisley fashion, he wasn't the one paying. Roosevelt Development Group paid the outstanding fees themselves in order to clear the way for construction on parcels of land where they have plans for new apartments. The city seems happy to be able to put the issue to bed. Meanwhile, RDG will begin demolishing the properties in question in order to build a 65-foot-tall apartment building at Northeast 65th Street and 15th Avenue Northeast that will hold around 225 units. No word on whether or not the deal means RDG must include affordable housing like the kind they're building over so it will be an interesting early test of the mayor's recent recommendations for Seattle density developments. In March, Mayor Murray made a big deal to point out plans for a park on the site, though it's unclear if RDG will follow through on that too.
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