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Meet Skinny Minnie, the $179K Tiny Eastlake Floating Houseboat

Skinny Minnie is for sale. That may be the name of some Seattle-ite, but the Skinny Minnie that's for sale is a truly tiny houseboat. Wedged under the University Bridge is a 390 square foot, authentic, Haggard Seattle Houseboat. It even has a motor; though that doesn't make it a motor home. They're asking $179,000 for the 1 bedroom 0.75 bath space built in 2007. Tiny houses work well when they use concepts from live-aboard boaters: efficient storage, appliances that are efficient and not too small, and an appreciation for quality and detail. Arching the roof and ceiling subtly clears a bit more headroom and works against leaks. A tumbled stone mantel dresses up a propane fireplace. With wood for walls, ceilings, cabinets, and some flooring keeps the visual space warm. There's not much space to waste, so the bed fits the room so snugly that you'd have to work at it to fall out. Not that there's much of a reason for waves except wakes considering the sheltered location. If the house doesn't give you enough room for your other water toys, there are enough docks in the neighborhood. And, being so close to the University Bridge and just east of I-5's Ship Canal Bridge can be a benefit if the shade blocks some sunshine on hit summer days. Check the traffic noise, though. Being that close may also have a disadvantage or two. But hey, Skinny Minnie has a motor. Maybe you can drive it to some place quieter.

· 3304 Fuhrman Ave E [Estately]
Written by Tom Trimbath