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Ralph Anderson 3-BR in Beaux Arts Village Lists For $1.69M

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We always like checking out the Ralph Anderson homes that hit the market around Seattle but the noted Pacific Northwest architect did plenty of work outside of the city as well. Like the 3-BR, 2.25-bath home he designed in Beaux Arts Village that recently his the market asking $1.695M. Anderson's "Northwest Design" is on full display here. It's a cedar-fest inside, coupled with the expected hardwood floors, French doors, vaulted ceilings and huge windows. A grand room with a tile floor and brick fireplace echoes the year the house was built (1969). And of course the residence takes full advantage of the surrounding nature, which includes lake access only 100 yards away. Word on the street is that one potential buyer is interested in tearing the home down, so hopefully a fan of classic PNW architecture gets involved and keeps this Anderson design alive.

· 10020 SE 27th St, Bellevue [Windermere]
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