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Cornerspotted: The Developing Scene at Dexter & Broad

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Yesterday, we asked you to guess where this 1956 gas station was located. We also said one of the street names had changed but perhaps we were looking at a funky map. Fnarf came correct with the right guess and more details: It's Dexter and Broad in South Lake Union.

Image: Wikimedia Here's Fnarf: It's still "Broad Street", what's left of the tail or northern end, though it's closed off and rapidly disappearing under the tunnel construction. We're at the corner of Dexter, looking north towards the next block, Roy Street -- Broad goes off to the right, Dexter ahead to the slight left. The part that's buried is off frame to the right. Perhaps Seattle's most confusing intersection, with both Mercer and Broad going under Aurora at angles, but then Mercer coming up and over Broad immediately east. Soon this will all be about a square mile of concrete and fake "green space" at the tunnel portal.
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