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One Day Soon You May Be Able To Say You Work At 'S'

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You may have heard of an impending 1.1 million-square-foot office and retail complex at 1000 and 1001 Sixth Avenue S called 'Stadium East' but you need to unlearn that name real quick. 'Stadium East' is no longer the given name of this project, which goes before the design review board this evening. From now on, you shall refer to this office campus as...S. As such, you can look forward to many awkward Vaudevillian conversations trying to explain where your office is located.

"I work at S."
"S what?"
"Just S."
"S as in Stadium East?"
"No, just S."
"What's an S?"
"I don't know."

Actually, 'S' will have a very timely focus: water. According to developer Greg Smith, the campus "will be all about the health of the workers who reside there and the health of the environment." In between the office buildings and retail spots, the complex will be dotted with cisterns, open ponds and man-made wetlands, all meant to reuse and recycle rain water.

Going by the preferred design, the campus would include six office buildings ranging from eight to 10 stories. There would be as much as 200,000 square-feet of retail space and 1,200 parking spots. Smith plans to participate in Seattle's Living Building Pilot program and will wait until he has anchor tenants before beginning construction. Might we recommend some companies that begin with S?
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