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Two Capitol Hill Apartment Buildings Up For Review

Developer Johnson Carr and architect Skidmore Janette bring their plans for a 90-unit apartment building at 722 E. Pike St. before the design review board this evening. The seven-story structure would include 4,000 square feet of street-level commercial space but will not include parking. The residences will be efficiency units and will range from roughly 225 to 335 square feet. There is a 95-year-old building on the site that will need to be demolished and despite it's age the developer argues that it lacks historical and architectural significance.

Meanwhile, Developer Henbart and architect Studio Meng Strazzara will present plans for their apartment project at 101 Broadway to the design review board as well. Plans call for a six-story building with 44 market-rate units, a rooftop deck and ground-floor retail. There will be four parking spaces available in the alley behind the building. In order to construct it, they'll have to demolish the post office building currently located on the site.
· 90 small apartments planned for East Pike [DJC]
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