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2,000 Bottles of Wine & Only Two Bathrooms is a Bad Idea

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Update: It was just too weird to be true. The number of bathrooms is much more than two. #ZillowFail? There's a link for that, down near the bottom of the Zillow page. If you're interested in a property, there are always other data sources, including the county, the MLS, the listing agent, and maybe even the owner. In this case, 8 bathrooms is more like it - at least according to the agent's listing. (And fortunately the agent has a sense of humor.)

Even the listing calls this one, 'ridiculously grand'. It is a Gallagher Co. Mercer Mansion that is designed to evoke Cape Cod (why not evoke Mercer Island?). Except for a very few, the price is ridiculously high, $11,995,000; but for that the buyer gets 0.64 acres of Mercer Island and 100 foot of Lake Washington waterfront that includes a dock long enough (175 feet) to reach a deep water moorage. Much of the price, though, is back in the house. Inside, it is 10,700 square feet. With that much space the 7 bedrooms could be scattered about leaving lots of acoustical space; but the inside acreage is probably devoted to having 2 kitchens, 2 wet bars, a gym and a sauna. There's also plenty to play with outside, too. The swimming pool, BBQ, and firepit (though possibly not in use during this drought) are major features outside. All of it, inside and outside, are built to high quality, as it should be for that many millions. There is one other ridiculous feature though, maybe it's a typo but does a house that big enough for to hold a 2,000 bottle wine cellar really only have 2 bathrooms? They just bought this in 2014 for $5,800,000. Surely a flip like that could squeeze in another powder room or two.

· 8798 N Mercer Way [Ewing & Clark]
· 8798 N Mercer Way [Zillow]
Written by Tom Trimbath