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$1.15M Lake Union Houseboat Comes With a Cellar (Kinda)

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You know a $1,150,000 houseboat on Lake Union has a good chance at being impressive, especially when it has a high-end designer like Lagerquist & Morris. With all the consideration of contemporary Northwest lines, Seattle views, and access to the water, the one thing you may remember best is the innovative wine cellar, er, wine crawlspace, er, wine stash. An artfully-cut floor hatch opens to reveal a series of hardware cloth cubbies designed to keep the wine handy and let the lake do the work of keeping it cool. Above all of that is a 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath, 1,150 two story houseboat with a prime location. Inside is a light touch, no heavy colors. Exposed beams in a wood slat ceiling, and bamboo and cork floor keeps ambience warm. Outside is a cement planked exterior, which sounds weather resilient and looks classic. Outside is also where the lifestyle meets the lake: moorage, dry kayak storage, first floor patio, and a top floor deck. And under it all is the wine storage. Hey. They cut a hole in the floor of a boat. That shows a lot of faith in the floats. Have the otters found the downstairs door?

· 2207 Fairview Ave E [Estately]
Written by Tom Trimbath