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Lake Forest Park NW Contemporary Gets Total Remodel

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Project Name: Lake Forest Park Remodel
Location: Lake Forest Park
Timeframe: 2007-2009
Professional: FINNE Architects Inc
Description: This secluded 1950's Northwest Contemporary house was completely renovated while retaining the spirit of the original house. With extensive new windows and glazed roof monitors, the renovated house appears to be a glass pavilion in the forest. The floor plan has been re-organized to create a spacious, light-filled master bedroom and master bath, with each space surrounded by glass and views to the forest. The main living and dining spaces have been slightly enlarged, and a new roof monitor with high windows has been added to bring soft natural light to the entire space. The new, enlarged kitchen has counters in quartz and cast-glass, with continuous windows extending directly to the counter level. The existing hemlock ceiling with exposed fir beams in roughly half the house has been retained, and new fir ceilings have been added to the remainder of the house. The existing terrazzo flooring has been re-finished, with new areas of terrazzo added in a complementary color. With sustainability in mind, the renovation sets the house up to endure for years to come with long life-cycle, low-energy consuming materials.

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