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Get Away to a Modern Maple Valley Cabin Asking $474K

Here's a priority check. The land is 16 acres. The garage holds 4 cars. The house is a 700 square foot cabin. If what you want is a lot of land, neighbors kept at a distance, lots of storage for toys, and a classic cabin in the woods, then this $474,900 property may just work for you. It is a 2 bedroom, 1 bath one story in Hobart, which is a distant suburb to Maple Valley, which is a distant suburb to Renton. The theoretical commute is less than an hour and lets you live in one world and work in another. Or, make sure there's a good Internet connection and telecommute from a place that is quiet enough to hear the elk walk by. Outside, the cabin looks simple and maybe even a bit humble. Inside, the rooms are bright and open because of lots of windows and light decorations. It is obviously a modern cabin (1995), not some dank shack held together by moss. Enjoy the country life, and if the spaces aren't big enough, remember that you have 16 acres, lots of trees, and no one in sight.

· 20403 264th Ave SE, Maple Valley [Estately]
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Written by Tom Trimbath