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Latest Seattle Arena Designs Include Pedestrian & Bike Bridge

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Chris Hansen's $490 million SoDo arena for basketball & hockey franchises that don't seem to be coming to Seattle anytime soon will go before the design review board for the seventh time on Tuesday with the hope that it will finally get approval. One of the features that stands out in the 725,000 sq. ft., 20,000 seat facility include the "living machine" that would reuse waste water for the toilets and landscape irrigation, amongst other things. There's also a pedestrian and bike bridge to help the flow of foot traffic from the off-campus parking lots. The space around the arena would include outdoor dining areas, media screens, 102 parking spaces and outdoor basketball courts for when fans want to get in a game of their own. Of course, even if the arena gets approval, it still requires an NBA franchise to come to Seattle before it can be built. The acceptance of an NHL franchise would require a change to the MOU in order to be enough to start construction.

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