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Mapping the Many UFO Sightings Around Puget Sound

Metrocosm recently introduced a map that compiles more than 90,000 UFO sightings across the United States since 1905. We zeroed in on the Seattle area to see where most of the local sightings take place and should probably find it as no surprise that the area around the Seattle Center is a bit of a hotspot. Assuming these people aren't just looking up quickly and confusing the Space Needle, there's been multiple reports of UFOs between 2010 and this past February, though descriptions seem to range from fireballs to triangles to cigar-shaped objects. Couple that with the sphere multiple people saw in North Seattle and the strange oval floating over West Seattle in 2008 and Seattle has a decent share of stories to tell.

The real hotspots for unexplained UFO phenomena in the area seem to be found in Renton, Bremerton, Everett, Whidbey Island and Port Orchard. Of course, one could point out that these areas are all close to airports, Boeing facilities and naval bases, but, that would spoil the fun. The biggest report appears to be the one out of Renton in 2012 when forty or so witnesses saw reddish-orange spheres floating in the sky (on the fourth of July). In fact, most of the big UFO sighting clusters all seem to take place on or around July 4th. So either people are seeing strange fireworks or extraterrestrials just really love celebrating the birth of America.
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Seattle Center Pavillion

Mercer ave, Seattle, WA