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Ballard's Edith Macefield House Headed Up to Orcas Island

Last week we heard the good news that the Edith Macefield House was going to be preserved thanks to a nonprofit that was willing to take over and move the Ballard home to a new location. Today we found out just how far that move will be. The Opal Community Land Trust is the new owners of the structure and their plan is to move the iconic house all the way UP to Orcas Island where it will be refurbished to its former glory and become affordable housing for some lucky island residents. They said that they still need to raise $200K in order to facilitate the move, which they hope to happen in the next 2-3 months, and will announce a crowdfunding campaign soon. Moving older homes to the island is something the trust does often so it looks like Edith's house will be able to live out the next chapter of it's existence in good hands.
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