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Big Reveal: $459K For This 1-BR Urban Loft in Belltown

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Yesterday, we asked you to guess the asking price for this one-bedroom urban loft in Belltown.. Not surprisingly, a lot of folks expected this place for be asking for an arm and a leg. We got a few guesses in the $750 - $800K range. It was meander actually got the win with an initial guess of $425K. Actual asking price: $459K (plus $460/month in HOA dues). The west-facing Mosler Lofts unit has some decent space (785 square-feet) helped out by those massive ceilings. Technically-speaking, it's more of an open-1BR since your bedroom door is a curtain, but, at least you've got some walls to separate things. So, knowing what you know, does that asking price sound fair?

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