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Converted San Juan Barn Now a Spacious 3-BR Asking $785K

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This building started out as a barn with a view. Through the flukey resolution of the Pig War (a small war between the US and Great Britain fought on San Juan), the property looks south to Canada and Victoria. Now that the barn is a house, you can sit outside and watch a world of shipping traffic pour in and out of the Strait of Juan de Fuca. A large deck provides enough room to host a sunset party from high on the hill. Whales regularly swim by the shore far below, and if you want to get closer, drop down the hill to Lime Kiln State Park, an excellent spot for visiting the greys, orcas, and a parade of marine mammals. The rest of the time you can enjoy 14 acres of privacy, quiet, and nature - or find room for another guest house or three. Gone are the stalls and clutter, and in their place is a modern house with rustic touches. The main floor is concrete, a surface harder than a hardwood, and much easier to maintain. The space is lit with earth tone sconces and lanterns backed by warm colors in the paint scheme. Heat comes from a wood stove, which is much more feasible because the house is 1,720 square feet and has 3 bedrooms and 0.75 baths, far from being cavernous. The upstairs is only about a third the size of the downstairs, which makes for some narrow, high-peaked rooms. Barns are not, however, known for having extensive bathrooms, and this one only has a shower despite having three bedrooms. They're asking $785,000 for the house/barn and the approximately 14 acres - and the views, don't forget the views.
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Written by Tom Trimbath