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Slippery Slope: 1,000-Foot Seattle Water Slide Cancelled

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[Photo: Slide the City]

Slide the City produces over 100 massive slip-n-slide events across North America but they won't be sending people barreling down Seattle streets anytime soon. Geekwire reports that State and King County Health Departments have put the kibosh on a planned 1,000-foot waterslide that would have run down Mercer Street on August 16. The event has also been cancelled in Spokane and Tri-Cities after the state didn't get satisfactory answers regarding sanitization, water treatment and safety precautions. Slide the City says they plan to try again in 2016. No word on whether or not the recent drought advisory was taken in account, though it probably wouldn't have been the best look for the city.
· Health Department pulls plug on giant waterslide planned for Seattle street [GW]