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$643K Vashon Estate Includes a Massive Bamboo Grove

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A property on Vashon has one of the largest bamboo groves in North America. The 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath house is for sale; but the rest of the 4.65 acre property has much more, like: outbuildings, orchards, a pond - and a lot of well-established bamboo. They're asking $643,000. You get 1,410 square feet of 1946, wood-sided, open-beamed architecture where someone had plans for the land, and acted on them. Maybe some architect could define the style and track its provenance, but this house might also have been built by an energetic homeowner who wanted to get a little way away from Seattle and play with some plants and land. The open style works at giving each room more room, at least vertically. The functional architecture also made it easier to add skylights that don't have to bounce down channels in a conventional ceiling. Open also means the kitchen is in a great room. There's less storage, but the cook doesn't get trapped if there's a party going on. One place with a major upgrade is the shower with its stylish tile surround. With one of the largest bamboo groves on the continent, the outdoors matter. Bamboo loves to grow - too well in some cases. Here it's been given room to roam. It's harvestable and renewable, and for some folks, beautiful in its simplicity and utility. The grove shares space with a fruit orchard, also harvestable and renewable, and a large garden space already equipped with trellises and arbors. It's a property that takes a bit of care, but it can also take care of a bit of your needs - as long as you do bamboo.

· 15019 Vashon Hwy SW [Windermere]
Written by Tom Trimbath