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We Live in the Golden Age of Multicolored Seattle Crosswalks

It truly is the golden age of multicolored crosswalks in Seattle, which probably means someone is going to paint a golden one any day now. Of course we all know about the rainbow crosswalks in Capitol Hill that were made for Pride but got the approval from the city to remain for at least a few years. Earlier this week, a group went ahead and paint some Central District crosswalks around Martin Luther King Jr. Way red, green & black in honor of the Pan-African Flag. The question was whether or not the city would paint over them or let them stand. Turns out, the city is just going to keep the new crosswalks but add white reflective tape in order to make them more visible. Eventually, the city plans to work with the community on a long-term solution. Will this news usher in The Great Crosswalk Painting of 2015? Perhaps, but SDOT wants folks to know that "of you have a great idea for your community, come talk to us." We don't even want to know what Fremont might think of...
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Martin Luther King Jr. Way and Cherry, Seattle, WA