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Charming Turn of the Century Floating Home Lists For $525K

Historic and floating are two words that usually don't describe the same house. Even in 1906 when land was cheap, people lived on floats on Seattle's lakes. This 679 square foot houseboat is more of a cottage than a boat; but, it's stayed afloat longer than most things from its era. It's probably outlived most of the homes from that era, too. Its recent incarnation is as a lime-green, simply decorated, 2 bedroom, 1 bath bit of minimalism with a prime location on Fairview that has an asking price of $525,000 (with monthly dues of $420.) There are little elements that make it unique. The roof is peaked, which makes sense in Seattle's rain (assuming we get some again). Flat roofs create rooftop decks, but peaked roofs leak less. There is a small deck, an appropriate word for something that floats, and a walkway around each side which must make it much easier to clean the windows; as compared to houses that use every bit of float space for living space. It is over a hundred years old, though; so, lowering expectations for things like walls, floors, windows, and doors that are square and plumb. Maybe that explains the wedge of a gap between the kitchen counter and the dishwasher. (Or, maybe that's just the camera angle. Yeah, that's it.)

· 2031 Fairview Ave E [Estately]
Written by Tom Trimbath