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Brick Beacon Hill Home Comes With Basement for the Band

Some houses are snapped up in days. Others take years. The sellers should be commended for their patience.

Buy a basement - and you'll finally have a place to let loose on your drum kit, wail on your guitar, or crank the volume for movie night. The most appealing feature of a house can be underground. Above ground, it's a 2 bedroom, 1 bath, one story with 1,980 square feet with an asking price of a nice round, $750,000. It was built in 1953, and looks fine; but the photos may be the 'before' pictures to be followed by a remodeling and a series of 'after' pictures. The other possibly appealing feature is the ground itself, 0.88 acres of it that they state can be divided into 7 lots. With so much going for it, and in this market, why hasn't it sold? It's been on the market for a year, and considerably longer according to some of the records. This might be one that reveals a lot with a even a short tour.

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Written by Tom Trimbath