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Fall City Farmhouse Makeover Compliments Stunning Views

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<em>Reclaimed elm wood plank & Azul Adobe limestone island counter overlooking Snoqualmie Valley</em>
Reclaimed elm wood plank & Azul Adobe limestone island counter overlooking Snoqualmie Valley

Project Name: Fall City Renovation
Location: Fall City, WA
Timeframe: 2009 - 2010
Professional: FINNE Architects Inc
Description: About thirty miles east of Seattle you'll find Fall City. And in Fall City, you'll find a farmhouse on a hillside overlooking the Snoqualmie River Valley. That farmhouse was the site of this major renovation a few years back to the kitchen and master bath. On the main floor, the walls between the kitchen and dining room were removed and a 25-foot addition to the kitchen provided a continuous glass ribbon around the limestone kitchen counter. The resulting interior is akin to a fire lookout tower in the forest. A custom island table was created using reclaimed elm planks and a blackened steel base, with inlaid limestone around the sink area. Custom blown-glass light fixtures were hung over the existing dining table. The completed kitchen-dining space is serene, light-filled and dominated by the sweeping view of the Snoqualmie Valley. In the master bathroom, a new addition created a continuous glass wall with wonderful views of the valley. The blackened steel-frame vanity mirrors were custom-designed and suspended in front of the window wall. The tub was perched in front of floor-to-ceiling glass, next to a curvilinear custom bench in Sapele wood and steel.

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