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Cornerspotted: The Anderson Hotel, Now a Hotel For Cars

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Yesterday, we asked you to guess where this rickety 1911 building was located. Apparently it was a stumper as we got no correct guesses. Things look a lot different here today so it's understandable. The spot is 5th & Terrace and today you'll find a grassy knoll and Goat Hill parking garage.

Image: Wikimedia, Rob Ketcherside The Anderson Hotel was one of the Pioneer Square buildings taken out by a storm in 1911 during the regrade process. Given that it was such an architectural mess (a mishmash of concrete, brick and wood) it's probably no surprise. Today this piece of prime real estate is a parking garage and a big grassy hill that few people actually sit on. Seattlest has some more info on the spot and what happened.
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