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Strike Now For a $1M Stanwood House With a Bowling Alley

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Rumble, roll, crash! No, it isn't something falling off the roof. It's the sound coming up from the 2,000 square foot basement because that's where the bowling alley is. One lane, no waiting - or if there is, you at least know the people in line. Meanwhile, wait at the bar. Shouldn't it have one of those hot dog rollers and nuclear cheese nacho machines? Whoever built this 5,996 square foot house in Stanwood about ten years ago wanted to have fun. Beside the bowling lane and bar is a hardwood floor big enough for a dojo or dance floor. It is big enough for a gym, but there's another room for that.There's also room for an office, semi-formal dining, and then the 4 bedrooms and 3.5 baths. Got $1,050,000? That's what it takes to get all of this, plus 5.42 fully fenced acres (that they round up to 6.) That means there's plenty of room to play outside, too; including 2,000 square feet of decking and a tiny house on stilts hidden by some trees. Whether for fun or a passion, there's also a large garden with a glass greenhouse. If all of that is too active for you, retreat to the basement where there's a theater; but you might want to tell the bowlers to keep it quiet while you watch your movie.

· Photos by T. C. Peterson [TCPP]
· 210 316th St NE, Stanwood [Redfin]
Written by Tom Trimbath
Photos: TCPeterson Photography