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Last Week's Biggest Sales: A McGilvra Boulevard Kinda Week

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Listed for: $1.795M
Received: $1.795M
Size: 4-BR, 3-bath, 3,490 sf.
Location: 2053 McGilvra Blvd E, Madison Park
The Skinny: What's going on in this place that no one wants to spend too much time here? This is the third sale since 2010 and these sellers only lived here for about eight months. You can't blame the hardwood floors, spacious kitchen or well-manicured landscaping. Good luck to the new owners and may they stay here for at least a couple of years.

Listed for: $1.649M
Received: $1.67M
Location: 1515 McGilvra Blvd E, Madison Park
The Skinny: Just down to the road from the previous home you'll fine this contemporary minimalist chic meets modern home. Just like the previous one as well it's the third time it's been sold since 2010. What's with all this turnover? They ended up getting slightly more than ask and almost $300K more than they paid for it so that may have sweetened the deal a bit. They're probably taking all that artwork with them but that elevator's gonna have to stay.

Listed for: $1.632M
Received: $1.632M
Size: 2-BR, 2-bath, 1,523 sf.
Location: 588 Bell St Unit 3906S, Denny Triangle
The Skinny: Insignia, the newest luxury condo towers in Denny Triangle, are really filling up and we're getting to see how much people are willing to pay for the higher-profile units. This 39th floor two-bedroom is sure to have views worth the price. All those building amenities don't hurt either. It did take a while to seal the deal as this one originally hit the market in May 2014.