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So, This Eco-Friendly Seattle Prefab Was Built in 29 Hours

Some people might think things move a little slower in the Pacific Northwest but we know that's not exactly true. The truth is we like to do right by the environment and do it quickly so we can get to rock climbing/kayaking/slacklining or whatever else it we're doing all weekend. So it's no surprise to us that someone in Seattle has gone ahead and figured out how to build an eco-friendly house in less than two days. That someone would be prefab firm Greenfab, who apparently put together this near net-zero energy house in a little over a day (29 hours to be exact). If we're splitting hairs, they did a few weeks after that to fine-tune the minor details. The end result is a four bedroom packed with eco-friendly like a convection heating system and hybrid heat pump water heater that's targeting LEED Platinum certification, a process that will probably take way longer than it took to put the home together. Interested in getting your own? The Greenfab price list says this model starts at $229,500.

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