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Seattle Encouraging More Themed 'Community Crosswalks'

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Image: Gordon Werner

We live in the golden age of themed Seattle crosswalks. Capitol Hill is home to the rainbow crosswalks celebrating gay pride. Central District boasts crosswalks that celebrate the Pan-African colors. A lesser city might consider these community-made changes to be a scourge on the status quo and remove them post haste. But Seattle is not that lesser city. Instead, Seattle wants to encourage the creation of more "community crosswalks" and is even willing to offer financial support through the Neighborhood Matching Fund. It's also a smart "if you can't beat'm, join'm" strategy that should cut down on poorly-colored crosswalks that make it harder to see them. So if you want to paint a Stadium District crosswalk Seahawks & Sounders blue & green or a Fremont crosswalk Troll-grey, check out the process here.
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Fremont Troll

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