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Here's How Hollywood Turns Vancouver Into Seattle

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The lack of filming incentives in Washington State is a topic many would-be filmmakers know well. Others might not realize how often a movie or TV show about Seattle is filmed elsewhere until they see what's supposed to be the Emerald City on the screen and wonder "where the hell did that bridge come from?" That's because the movie or show in question was probably filmed in Vancouver. Our Cascadian neighbor to the north is the third-biggest filming city in North America and is the go-to spot to portray Seattle, San Francisco and a whole host of American cities. If you've ever wondered how they do it, or more to the point how they can usually fool you until you see the Space Needle in a weird place it's not supposed to be, the latest episode of Every Frame a Painting is here to help. Host Tony Zhou provides some clear examples of local buildings and landmarks that you've seen in a million pieces of pop culture and how they become everything from dystopian Chicago to present-day Vancouver, WA. Really sorry about that last one, Canada.

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Space Needle

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