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Wenatchee's Craigmuir Castle is European Living For $2.35M

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Wenatchee is more than apples. It's also the home for Craigmuir Castle, a 1928, 6 bedroom, 4.75 bath, 10,000 square foot block of European luxury built from local granite. It sits on 0.95 acres of downtown Wenatchee rising four floors to command a prominent position. Outside, it looks solid; even the driveway is paved with flagstones. Inside, the rooms are tastefully ornate - not a home for minimalists; but excellent for people who appreciate filigrees, brass, and polished marble. The laundry's cabinetry is finer than most kitchens. The kitchen is set for more than one chef, and looks simultaneously new and productive. The signature bit of craft may be the spiral staircase with its wrought iron banisters, smoothed and sculpted wood handrails, and dramatic lighting that all fit within contoured walls instead of some just being purely functional series of winding treads. Some of the house is much more modern, like the theater which could be in any contemporary house, the gym, and the opulent dressing room/master closets - plural. One of the most interesting layout choices is the bedroom just outside the wine cellar door - in case you engage an in-house sommelier? Wenatchee gets a luxury Seattle-ites can appreciate, 300 days of sunshine. The expansive outdoor patio is large enough for dinner parties, which can happen around a table with a fiery centerpiece. Beside the patio is a saltwater pool, in case you miss the ocean, and it is all surrounded by formal gardens and landscaping. Love sunshine? Got $2,350,000 for a house? Enjoy European style? You might have a good set of reasons to visit Wenatchee.

· 22 N Garfield Ave, Wenatchee [Windermere]
Written by Tom Trimbath