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This Balinese-Inspired Bellevue Mansion Will Run You $6.68M

"Bruce McCaw Lived Here." We don't think it actually says that anywhere in or around this four-bedroom Bellevue residence that's listed for $6.68M, but it's probably not a bad idea for the resale value all the same. McCaw was once considered one of the wealthiest people in the world (and the family is still considered such), but Bruce moved out of this property back in 2004 and it seems like there was some major renovation work done after that, potentially even a new construction altogether. Right now the seller is communications exec Montgomery Hong and he's looking for someone else to take over what the broker babble refers to as "a concerto of soaring brilliance." There is indeed a lot going on in this 7,458 square-foot estate, a feast for the senses if you will. The listing says its a meeting between Northwest design and "retro Balinese," which you probably didn't even realize was a thing. They're certainly going for elegance throughout, except perhaps for the putting green, though when you're talking about a home for high-powered executives, we suppose you gotta put the putting green somewhere.

· 9632 Lake Washington Blvd NE, Bellevue [Estately]