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PARK(ing) Day Returns to Seattle This Friday, Sept. 18

Photos via SDOT

This Friday is the third Friday of September so you know what that means. Well even if you don't we're going to tell you that it's PARK(ing) Day, the annual international event that's all about raising awareness for the importance of a walkable, livable, and healthy city as well as getting people to re-think how Seattle streets and sidewalks can be used. (Basically Jason Rantz's worst nightmare). This year Seattle has permitted over 50 pop-up parks across the city, making it the biggest PARK(ing) Day yet. They've also extended hours so people have from 10 a.m. until 7 p.m. to see as many unique displays and creative setups as possible. SDOT has a full map of every planned pop-up park here. We've picked out some of the parks that sound like must-sees to us and if you do decide to snap some pics, make sure you use the #SEAParkingDay hashtag.

Seattle Urban Farm Company (5307 Ballard Ave NW, Ballard) - Sited just below the rooftop farm at Bastille Cafe & Bar, the park will feature a micro urban farming experience with crops, chickens, and a little free seed library.

Lauri Watkins & Mary Saucier (2509 4th Ave, Belltown) - Fingerpaint Island will be a public art station for people to get creative! Handwash station included (rinse + santizer).

Zipcar (504 E Denny Way, Capitol Hill) - Zipcar will provide a peaceful, zen-centered space with guided yoga, icy beverages, and chill-out space for everyone.

Samantha Fisher (500 E Pike St, Capitol Hill) - Like a regular lemonade stand, but on the moon! Features space-themed food and drink.

Gensler (601 Union Street, Downtown) - Passerbys will think about and then demonstrate (using modular workplace furnishings) what their ideal workplace looks like.

Forterra (6006 12th Ave S, Georgetown) - Georgetown urban forest: five small tables to experience trees through the five senses, all while being surrounded by green!

Kaffeeklatsch (12513 Lake City Way NE, Lake City) - Corn Harvest Lake City! We will have corn stalks grown in Lake City with plenty of corn to harvest and chuck right here.

Olson Kundig (408 Occidental Ave S, Pioneer Square) - The OK BUBBLE GARDEN is a wonderland made up of bubble mechanisms, bubble wand trees, hula bubbles, and a lounge.

UW Planning Student Association (1410 NE 40th St, U District) - A cardboard "city" will be faced with prehistoric disasters hourly, and participants will rebuild the city.

SIFF Uptown Cinema (511 Queen Anne Ave N, Uptown) - To celebrate SIFF's Women in Cinema event, director Penelope Spheeris is scheduled to introduce Wayne's World.
· PARK(ing) Day: September 18, 2015 [SDOT]