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What Kind of 2-BR Can You Rent in Seattle For $1,500/Month

Welcome back to Curbed Comparisons, where we scour Seattle's rental listings to see what your monthly budget will get you across the city. Today we decided to look strictly at two-bedrooms to find out what we could get with a budget of $1,500/month. You tell us which one you'd rent.

Let's begin in Alki where you can get an 800 square-foot 2-BR in the complex at 3244 63rd Ave SW for $1,495/month. The unit and complex are both recently remodeled with new carpet, cabinets, bathroom, and a detached garage. It looks like you're about five-ten minutes from the beach which has to be taken into consideration as well.

Next up we go to North Queen Anne where you can find a 700 square-foot top-floor unit in a fourplex for $1,475/month. Not a lot of space for two bedrooms but the main area is bright and the shared backyard looks peaceful. Perhaps a better fit for people who don't spend too much time at home rather than those who do.

Now we go to Rainier Beach where you can get a two-story, 1,525 square-foot loft space for $1,495/month. That front room offers the kind of space you usually only find in luxury lofts. The trade-off is that the bedrooms are more like coves, but with double the space of most places at this price, you can spread out.

In the University District, you'll find this 900 square-foot 2-BR for $1,495/month. The interior is a bit dated but the owner covers heat and it puts you across the street from Ravenna Park and just two blocks to U-Village.

Finally we end up at Clocktower Apartments in Olympic Hills where you can get a 745 square-foot 2-BR for $1,500/month. It looks like a sturdy, dependable place to live, especially for commuters. Decent community amenities as well. Also not too far from Lake Washington or Northgate Mall.

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