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Seattle, We Need To Talk About Your Motivational Home Signs

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Here's the thing, Seattle. Life can be tough sometimes. Even if your family is healthy, there's money in the bank and your job fulfills you, it's not always enough. So we understand if you feel like you need a pick-me-up from time to time. A little motivational boost to keep you going when the day just isn't going your way. Totally get that.

But can we talk to you about just how much you seem to be needing these motivational quotes in your life these days? Just based on what we've been seeing in recent listings, it's all starting to get a bit much. We're starting to move from "mild encouragement" to "the signs from They Live" territory. Kitchens are supposed to be safe havens, not Tony Robbins echo chambers. When did Seattle stop posting photos of its houses on Pinterest boards and just start living inside one?

You'd think you can escape to the bathroom, traditionally the one tranquil room in the house. You thought wrong. And now, you no longer even need to think.

It's not just the rooms with a multitude of signs that can overwhelm us either. Sometimes it only takes one sign to make you feel like your mother is right behind you whispering in your ear at all times...

Some signs don't even bother dressing their message up in metaphors or motivations. They just want you to shut up and chow down, fatty.

Some signs are out-and-out liars and we're going to just sit here until 3 a.m. to prove it.

We've even gotten to the point where some signs are simply giving terrible advice. That's a horrible idea, sign! Someone is going to break their leg!

It's time to take back our free will, Seattle! Shake off the shackles of motivational home signs. Eat when you want! Don't say please or thank you if you don't want to! Love or do not love whoever you want whenever you want! Together we can reclaim our interior design, one tired saying at a time. Now, if you want to game plan our strategy, meet us in the laundry room. Don't worry, you won't miss it...

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