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44th Ave Studios at West Seattle Junction Looking for Approval

Thursday, Blueprint 4528 and Alloy Design Group bring their plans for 44th Ave SW Studios back before the design review board for a potential recommendation. The 6-story apartment building at 4528 44th Avenue would include approximately 58 small efficiency dwelling units (SEDU's). With a plan to offer upscale but affordable living, the developer thinks the "demographic that will benefit most from this housing will be wage earners in the neighborhood that can't afford the $1,000 plus rents of nearby properties." While they won't include parking, they hope to encourage bike & bus usage with a bike storage area and a nearby Rapid Ride stop. They'll be the requisite rooftop deck with benches and planters as well. One apartment building currently on the site will have to be demolished in order to make room.

· 4528 44th Ave SW [DPD]