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Check Out This $5.9M Leschi Waterfront Contemporary Jewel

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We're not sure who designed this contemporary jewel on the Lake Washington waterfront but we're on board with this 6,430 square-foot 5-BR asking $5.895M. Looking out on the water from the industrial modern main room, you're never too far from sunlight. Or at least the windows and doors that lead towards it. As you head inside, the color scheme gets more muted that also accents the warm woods peppered throughout. The bedrooms all have their own special quirks with some leading directly to the back patio and one featuring a ladder to...well, we're not entirely sure. The massive living room offers plenty of space for the whole family to relax together while the wine cellar appears to have a spot for every bottle that exists. Outside, vines and flora creep all around the stone exterior while a reflection pool adds to the tropical ambiance. Since it's a luxury Lake Washington waterfront house, you've also got your requisite dock and boat house. Like we said, you get your money's worth.

· 1000 Lakeside Ave S [Windermere]