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Dwell Unveils Seattle's First 5-Star Built Green Live/Works

Dwell Development can check off another milestone in local eco-friendly building now that they've completed the first 5-Star Built Green Live/Work homes in Seattle. The live/work units located at 3237 California Ave SW offer traditional mixed-use spaces for those who want to live more sustainably, which certainly includes plenty of people around here. The new 2,700 square-foot homes include 700 square-feet of commercial space and three stories of living space. The ground-floor level can be used as a personal office or rentable commercial space. Because it's 5-Star Built Green, there's also plenty of incentives for green living. Each home is built to accommodate net-zero energy usage, which includes solar-ready rooftop configurations, advanced framing, high impact insulation, triple-glazed windows, and heat recovery ventilation systems. As Dwell usually does, reclaimed materials and sustainable materials are integrated wherever possible. In particular, these homes feature reclaimed wood floors, countertops and tile made from recycled content and locally sourced cabinetry. Unfortunately for those interested, you should have been quicker. One of the units has already been sold and the other is pending. You'll just have to keep a closer eye on Dwell's upcoming work, which include two more live/work projects in the works in Columbia City slated to be complete in early 2016. You can also add this project to the list of Seattle firsts for Dwell, which include Seattle's first Built Green Emerald Star Home.

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