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Buy This $4M Medina Mansion & Be Jeff Bezos's Neighbor

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They say you're not somebody until you live on Evergreen Point Road in Medina. Okay, nobody says that but it's probably something someone has thought. Some of Medina's most expensive and most notorious mansions can be found along this stretch. If you decide you want to buy the one at 848 Evergreen Point Road, you not only get to say you live in the home formerly owned by retired professional race car driver Mike Fitzgerald but you also get to call Amazon founder and Seattle office-space overlord Jeff Bezos your neighbor. The 4,740 square foot mansion is located directly across the street from Bezos's. Asking $3.998M, the four-bedroom home boasts batting cages, UW Huskies-themed sport court, grilling gazebo, home bar, movie theater and wine cellar. The sellers also included new light-touch electronics and a music system in a 2004 studs-out remodel. No word on whether or not Bezos will stop by with a welcome-to-the-neighorhood gift, though you should assume that if he does give you one, it'll arrive via Amazon Prime Now.

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