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Kenmore's Geodesic Dome Chopped From $900K to $797K

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They chopped the dome! The price that is, not the geodesic roof that was inspired by Buckminster Fuller. We wrote about this 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath hemisphere of a house back when they put it on the market in May 2014 for a nice round $900,000. Since then it has been on and off and on the market, now at $797,000. For that price you get 2,717 square feet of rarely rectilinear living space on about a half acre of waterfront. The water is the Sammamish River, the connector between Lake Sammamish and Lake Washington that even had steamboats back when the roads weren't reliable. Good thing all of the area's traffic problems are solved, right? If it was deep enough for a steamboat, it's possibly deep enough for your yacht, so you get moorage as well as a conversation piece. Look inside and have fun imagining decorating options that go from retro to futuristic. (That one room looks ready to be turned into some starship's bridge.) And, just to be playful, keep the firehouse pole. It may be unconventional, but that probably describes any buyer of a round house.

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