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First Look at Discovery Park's Renovated Fort Lawton Homes

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Photos By Holland Photography
Photos By Holland Photography

Dreamers awaken. On October 7, the bidding starts at $799,000 for the first refurbished home at Fort Lawton in Magnolia. Surrounded by 534 rolling green acres of Discovery Park, the Olympic Mountains and a view of Puget Sound, it is no surprise that over 2,000 prospective buyers have already declared their interest in the 26 historic homes.

Originally built between 1899 and 1935, the homes at Fort Lawton were designed to process military personnel defending the coastline from a naval attack. Divided into two neighborhoods of thirteen - Montana Circle and Officer's Row, the colonial-revival homes have a small town charm that evokes nostalgia for times before the automobile. A fascinating timeline for the history buffs:

· During World War II, the Fort Lawton served as a POW camp for German and Italian prisoners.
· In 1959 the military ended its' personnel processing duties at Fort Lawton. The land was just about to transfer hands to the City of Seattle, when in 1968, the military came back with a proposition to build an Anti-Ballistic Missile base.
· Citizens protested and in 1970 President Richard M. Nixon signed "the Fort Lawton bill," paving the way for Fort Lawton's acquisition at low or no cost for a park.
· As the city took ownership and created Discovery Park, the United Indian People's Council laid claim to Fort Lawton land.
· Over 100 Council representatives and supporters including Jane Fonda and Grace Thorpe occupied the park in protest, resulting in an agreement for a 99-year lease to build what is now an Indian cultural center in Discovery Park.
· In 1976, the military owned homes at Fort Lawton gained protection under the National Register of Historic Places.

Proceeds from the 9.5 million dollar sale of the homes to RISE Properties Trust in 2015 will go toward building new, more conveniently located military housing near the Naval station in Everett.

Historic home enthusiasts will be pleased to know that every detail of the restoration was first approved by and the City of Seattle's Landmarks Preservation Board. From the hardware on the front doors, to the antique glass windows waved by time, the homes retain much of their original character. The appeal of the homes' vintage exteriors is boosted further by the comforts of interior updates. Modern amenities include new plumbing and electrical systems, refinished oak and maple floors, Miele appliances and subfloor hydronic heating.

The first available residence to be listed is at 4426 Montana Circle at Discovery Park. The home boasts 1,674 sq. ft. with 3 finished floors, 3-bedrooms and 2.5 baths. The residences will be sold one by one. Stay tuned for the General's House comprising six bedrooms and four bathrooms with more than 6,600 square feet. So if you are already picturing yourself sipping lemonade in your idyllic yellow home with your perfect wraparound porch, get in line.
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Written By: Sydney Parker