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Big Reveal: $250K For This Tiny Art Deco Capitol Hill Condo

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Yesterday, we asked you to guess the asking price for this 518 square-foot 1-BR condo in Capitol Hill. We saw guesses of $285K, $290K, $329K and $345K. The big winner was picklepocket for that first guess because the actual asking price comes in at $250,000 (plus $289/mo. in HOAs). Located in the De Lorges Building, which was built in 1928, top-floor unit is fully remodeled but maintains a lot of vintage charm with coved ceilings and arched doorways. It's listed as a one-bedroom but one look shows it's more of an "open 1-BR" if we're being honest. Speaking of being honest, now that you know the asking price, does that sound right to you?

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