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Seattle Blocks to Avoid if You Don't Want a Parking Ticket

Image: Kylan Robinson

The only thing more hotly debated than driving your car around Seattle right now is parking your car. Spaces are limited and as more development gets built without parking lots, the tougher it's becoming. The FYI Guy took a 19-month look at parking tickets issued from January 2014 to July 2015 and figured out the blocks that you're most likely to get ticketed, so you probably shouldn't even risk it. No surprise that Capitol Hill is home to the most costly blocks, the 1500 Block of 10th Avenue (5,984 tickets) and the 1500 Block of 11th Avenue (5,503), both of which are right next to Cal Anderson Park. Over in University District, park smart if you're leaving your car on the 4500 Block of University Way (3,650). The most surprising block, however, is located in Wallingford. 2,537 parking tickets have been handed out on the 4500 Block of Bagley Avenue, which isn't even a main road. They point out that the residential parking zone that goes into effect at 5 p.m. is what gets most people, many of whom probably parked there for a night at the movies or restaurants. Check out the full breakdown and make sure you check and double-check those parking signs.
· Seattle's best place to get a parking ticket [FYI]