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Take a Closer Look at 2nd + Stewart With New Renderings

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Tuesday evening, Wood Partners and Hewitt Architects are bringing plans for the 400-foot-tall 2nd + Stewart tower at 1631 Second Avenue back before the design review board for what they hope is a final recommendation. Previous rounds of feedback called for the inclusion of more retail space and changes to the facade. Last time they were told to "activate the pedestrian experience," further defining the rooftop and making sure the "shift and cant" of the overall design made sense. They seem to have done all of that, focusing on their design that features sharp angles next to concave surfaces and expanding the rooftop section to feature indoor and outdoor spaces. They've also tried to make the street level more pedestrian-friendly and connect the retail experience with the building lobby. Since this latest round is all about fine-tuning the details, we also get much closer looks at what the building could look like up close. The most recent plans call for 177 apartments, 2,800 square-feet of retail and 145 parking stalls. Plans also state that the developers will try to go the linkage fee payment route according to Seattle's new HALA affordable housing plan.

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