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'Ride the Ducks' Suspended in Seattle Following Accident

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Image: Calvin Hodgson

Washington state regulators have decided to suspend operations of the 'Ride the Ducks of Seattle' company pending an investigation into their entire fleet following last week's deadly accident on the Aurora Bridge that left five dead and many more injured. According to federal investigators, the Ride the Ducks vehicle's front axle was supposed to be fixed two years ago but never was. That axle was sheared off, though it remains unclear if that was the cause of the accident or happened upon impact. While the future of the land & sea vehicles in Seattle remain up for debate, some are calling for a chance to local laws that would bar a driver to also be the tour guide, thereby cutting down on potential distractions. For now at least, Seattleites won't be seeing the familiar sight (and hearing the familiar sounds) of Ride the Duck vehicles around town. They will probably not be missed by many.
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